Irish Run 8km race report

Irish Run 8km race report
I finished my first 8km in 31:23, or about 6:17 min/mile pace. The horrible photo above reflects the effort that I exerted, which was substantial. Having never run a race shorter than a half marathon, I didn’t really know what to expect, so I used this strategy—run as hard as possible for as long as possible. Madeline and Ken met me at my house for a warm-up. I felt pretty terrible during this 3.5 mile stretch, struggling to breathe normally even at an 8:30 pace. I considered whether running 15 on Saturday, 12 on Friday, and 10 on Thursday might not have been the best taper.

Pacers for the Superior 100

After finishing the first MCR supported long run of the season, Jared, Bunda, Gary, Jason and I went to the Triple Rock for brunch. Since it was the first day of registration for the race that has been my obsession for three years, I brought my laptop. Leaving nothing to chance, I ensured my name appeared on the list before passing the laptop clockwise, beginning at 12 o’clock. Four out of the five people at the table would register, with three out of those four doing so to Metallica’s Master of Puppets. This does not bode well for the fourth.

My first 80 mile week

The prospect of competing in my first hundred mile race later this year has dictated a more concerted effort to acquire base fitness. For the first couple months of the year, that has meant 60 mile weeks. However, last week, the confluence of nice weather, increased involvement with the Mill City racing team, and Jason’s preparation for the Zumbro 100 signaled that it was time to put in my first 80+ mile week of the year. Here’s how it went down. Monday (10.2 miles)This was just an easy loop down the River Road and backup up the other side via Ford Parkway.

Grip studs for running

Grip studs for running
I must confess this an unoriginal idea. One of my favorite bloggers did a thing, I marveled, and then eventually proceeded to do the same thing. The severe cold and abundance of snow this winter has made ice an infrequent concern, so when I first read Lael’s post, I admired her ingenuity, but did nothing more than catalog the information with other neat-but-useless tricks that occupy my mind. However, the sloppy freeze-thaw cycle has arrived for the spring, leaving me feeling like a stranded animal in one of those well documented hovercraft assisted deer rescues.

Recent Photos 15 Grip Studs in each shoeThe studs seated very well.The first alligator on the Bird Rookery trail gave me quite a scare. After 40 more, I didn't think much of it.Fully reassembled and ready for a week in Naples.